Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meet Matt Bardsley

I have been writing, playing, and recording music for most of my life. While in high school I was able to be a part in the recording of 3 different albums, and really fell in love with the production side of music.
In college I was lucky enough to be in a band that also recorded an album. We never made any money or became famous, but we had a lot of fun touring and performing.
Since college, I have continued to write, perform, and record on my own and for local LDS artist Jenny Phillips.
Though I did not choose a career in it, music has shaped my life in so many ways. It was a contributing factor in me wooing my wife, and has been instrumental (pun intended) in giving me so many opportunities to meet people and see the world.   I truly love music!

Matt will be performing and presenting at our upcoming Piano Superactivity.  Matt is great with teenagers and kids of all ages.  He will be helping our teenagers compose a song.  He will also be the M.C. at our opening and closing ceremonies.  We are excited to have Matt join us. 


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