Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meet Pat Rosenbury

Pat Rosenbury received her bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in education, drama, and mathematics in 1974, and her master’s degree in the reading and writing project from the University of California at Berkeley in 1991. She spent eighteen years teaching elementary, junior high and high school in Texas, Utah, Japan, India, the Philippines, and in the inner-city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Moving to Salt Lake City in 1995, she knew that the roots of learning difficulties were not in the academics, but in one’s learning style and brain processing efficiency. In the spring of 1996 she opened her own learning center utilizing her unique system of identifying and of developing one’s learning abilities and difficulties. Pat has assisted hundreds of clients ranging in ages from 4 to 87. Her program has received the endorsements of many, including pediatricians, educators, and NBA and NFL stars.

Her greatest joys have come from working with the children and youth in the community—whether in the Save the Children Program, with the United Way Organization, with the Juvenile Court System, through the Catholic Relief Organization, with the Head Start Program or in the programs of her church, Pat has always had a passion for the learning development of youngsters and young people. Her main goals: instill within the individual an understanding of who he/she really is and a joy for learning!

We love having Pat join us for activities.  The kids have so much fun and all the while she is teaching them how to use their brains.  Parents, you may want to sit in on one of Pat's classes.  You will learn a lot about how the brain works, and get some ideas about how to help your kids turn on the connections in their brains.

You can contact Pat at 801-Im Smart.  Or you can view her website by clicking Here

Meet Matt Bardsley

I have been writing, playing, and recording music for most of my life. While in high school I was able to be a part in the recording of 3 different albums, and really fell in love with the production side of music.
In college I was lucky enough to be in a band that also recorded an album. We never made any money or became famous, but we had a lot of fun touring and performing.
Since college, I have continued to write, perform, and record on my own and for local LDS artist Jenny Phillips.
Though I did not choose a career in it, music has shaped my life in so many ways. It was a contributing factor in me wooing my wife, and has been instrumental (pun intended) in giving me so many opportunities to meet people and see the world.   I truly love music!

Matt will be performing and presenting at our upcoming Piano Superactivity.  Matt is great with teenagers and kids of all ages.  He will be helping our teenagers compose a song.  He will also be the M.C. at our opening and closing ceremonies.  We are excited to have Matt join us. 


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Announcing the first ever Statewide Suzuki Piano Super Activity

It's nearly here.  You won't want to miss it.  Exciting performances.  Classes for students and parents.  Motiviation.  A chance to meet other Suzuki piano students.  A bright spot in the middle of January. 

Here are all the details:

Super Activity
Saturday, Jan 25, 2014
For All
Utah Suzuki Piano Students
American Preparatory Academy
3636 West 3100 South, WVC
9:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.
Twinklers through Teens
Three Classes for each student
Snacks and Lunch Provided
Register with your Teacher
$10 per student before Dec 13
$15 per student after Dec 13
Non SAU students: $20 before Dec 13, $30 after
Register today.  Don't miss the fun!
Read on to meet Alyssa. 
Check back often to read about some of our other presenters. 
Alyssa Bell Jaderholm started taking piano at the age of five from her mom and was taught in the Suzuki Method. She played throughout high school and grew in her abilities with Laureen Simper and Dr. Lenora Brown.
She continued her musical career in college at BYU-Idaho. Her love for music and life grew as she studied under Dr. Stephen Allen. In 2008 she took a hiatus from her schooling and served an eighteenth month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in California.

Upon returning from her mission, she finished her degree and graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Musical Arts in Piano Performance.
Alyssa’s passion for music and love of knowledge led her to pursue a master’s degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. She studied with Dr. Uriel Tsachor at the University of Iowa and graduated this past year.  
Alyssa has performed with many instrumentalists throughout her collegiate career and has performed with the BYU-Idaho Symphony Orchestra. She presented with her respective collegiate chapters at the 2012 MTNA National Conference and the 2012 Iowa IMTA State Conference. She looks forward to the future where she can continue to collaborate with other musicians, expand her knowledge with other teachers and share what she has learned to help others in their musical endeavors.
Alyssa now lives in Taylorsville, Utah where she is happily married to her husband Ben. She is living one her many dreams of teaching piano and working in a music store.
When she is not playing the piano she likes to read books, watch movies, and go to concerts.   

Alyssa is the daughter of our dear friend Connie Bell.  We are looking forward to hearing Alyssa perform on the opening and closing assemblies at our Super Activity.

Alyssa will also be teaching three classes at our activity.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to attend one of her classes.

Check back in a few days to read about some of our other presenters.